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KUST Graduate Students International Exchange Program Achieves Success

     Since the KUST Postgraduate Students International Exchange Program was launched in 2015, achievements have been obtained, according to the statistics from the University’s Graduate School. The Program intends to provide financial support for the postgraduates to conduct overseas academic researches, publish high-level academic papers and attend international conferences. In one year time, the program has financially supported 15 postgraduates to publish 15 high-level academic papers and attend 2 international conferences. Countries of the exchange program include America, Britain, Canada, Australia and Thailand, etc.

     The postgraduates with the support of the program attended classes, participated and accomplishedand in their supervisors’ projects and experiments. According to incomplete statistics, the 15 financially-supported postgraduates have published 145 papers, including more than 100 SCI and EI papers in materials processing engineering, cell biology, mineral process engineering, metallurgy and energy engineering, etc. Among them, a PhD candidate ZHONG Xiaoyu’s paper Pressure dependence of electronic structure and superconductivity of the MnX (X=N, P, As, Sb) was published on the Scientific Reports, a sub-journal of Nature. CHEN Ruyin, another PhD candidate, had his paper Multiple absolute negative mobilities included in Chaos.



  The KUST Postgraduate Students International Exchange Program helps strengthen the postgraduate students’ innovative capabilities and prepare them to be globally competent upon graduation.


                                (Translated and Edited by Division of International Cooperation &

                                                            Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)