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Four KUST Professors were Selected as Candidates for the CAE Membership of 2017

     On April 21, the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) announced that it has selected 533 candidates for membership, with an average age of 55.78 years. Four out of the eight candidates of Yunnan Province are from Kunming University of Science and Technology(KUST). They are Prof. PENG Jinhui, President, Prof. WANG Hua, Vice President, Prof. YANG Bin, Director of Division of Research Administration, and Prof. NING Ping, former Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering.

     CAE academician membership, a lifelong honor, is the highest title in the field of engineering in China. CAE candidates are selected from those who have made significant and innovative achievements and contributions in the field. New members are recruited every two years. The newly selected members will be announced in October this year after the second round of review.


Prof. PENG Jinhui, KUST President; Research area: Non-ferrous Metallurgy



Prof. WANG Hua, KUST Vice President ; Research area: Metallurgical Thermal Engineering




Prof. YANG Bin, Director of KUST Division of Research Administration; Research area: Non-ferrous Metallurgy


Prof. NING Ping from KUST Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering; Research area: Air Pollution Prevention and Control