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Kunming University of Science and Technology Wins the 18th National Excellent Patent Award of China

The State Intellectual Property Office of China released the 18th National Excellent Patent Award of China on Dec.14th. The patent from the research group led by Professor SHU Hongchun, Vice President of Kunming University of Science and Technology, ‘An Identification Method for Lightning Strike and BackFlashover on AC Transmission Lines’, was granted the national award. This is the second time for KUST to win the award after winning the same type of prize on the 17th national award.


The awarded patent is one of the core patents of the research achievement in the project  Identification and Analysis of Lightning on Transmission Lines inPlateau Mountains by station transducers, which won the top level prize of 2015 Yunnan Provincial Technological Invention Award. This patent proposed a systematic identification scheme of lightning strike and back flashover, which has been used for XB2010 lightning wave analysis and location devices, and widely applied in over 20 electric power substations and 70 transmission lines in Yunnan Province. An excellent social-economic benefit has been achieved.