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The first Faculty of Public Security and Emergency Management established at KUST

Faculty of Public Security and Emergency Management, Kunming University of Science and Technology(KUST) was founded on November 8 2016. KUST Vice President, Prof. WANG Hua hosted the opening ceremony.

The representative of Emergency Management office, People’s Government of Yunnan Province announced the co-establishment approval of KUST and Yunnan Provincial Government.

On the opening ceremony, chair of KUST university committee, Prof. ZHANG Yingjie said, the establishment of Faculty PublicSecurity and Emergency Management will not only serve the province but also broaden KUST’s disciplines. Based on disciplines of safety, architecture, chemical engineering, power engineering, and transportation etc., this faculty will integrate resources across China and provide strong talent, technological and intellectual support to increase safety science and technology, emergency management and handling, as well as maintenance of the public health andsecurity in the province.During the opening ceremony, the representative of the provincial government unveiled for Yunnan Provincial Institute of Public Security and Emergency Management, and Yunnan Provincial Training Center for Emergency Management.

With the establishment of Faculty of Public Security and Emergency Management, KUST will play an important role in talent cultivation, scientific research and decision making in the area of emergency and public security, and the emergency management standard in Yunnan Province will be enhanced.