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Southern China Region University Volleyball Tournament (2013-2014)

The Southern China Region University Volleyball Tournament lasted for seven days, ending on 27th November 2013. On the morning of 27th November, the KUST volleyball team got fourth place, as they lost to Central South University 2 games to 3. But the KUST men’s division will still join the other top three teams (Jiangsu University, Hainan Normal University and Central South University) for the finals in the China Volleyball competition. The women’s division ended on 26th November, with the top four teams being Nanjing University, Central South University, Nanchang University and Nanjiang University of Information Science and Technology, who will participate in the final competition. The Southern China Region Tournament has 33 teams in the men’s and women’s divisions, with about 500 athletes in total participating in it, coming from 28 universities in nine provinces in China.