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President Zhang Yingjie Attends the ‘Colorful Yunnan/Taiwan Visitation’ Exchange

During September 17–23, a group of Yunnan provincial officials, including KUST President Zhang, attended the ‘Colorful Yunnan/Taiwan Visitation’ event in Taiwan for an exchange. This exchange included representatives from eight categories such as science and technology, culture, agriculture, tourism, finance, education, trade, aviation, and entrepreneurship.


On Sep. 21st, during the educational conference in Gaoxiong, KUST President Zhang signed an educational exchange document, signifying a cooperation with Yi Shou University.



During the seven days of the exchange, President Zhang led the representatives of the ‘Colorful Yunnan/Taiwan Visitation’ event with the Taiwan educational side in a discussion about the possibilities of future cooperation and exchange. By being in touch with Taiwan, they hope to improve relations and develop a better cooperation between Yunnan and Taiwan.